These K-Pop Idols were caught wearing the same outfit, coincidence or proof of relationship?

Old K-Pop Fans know this thing. Once an idol was spotted with the same outfit or anything depicting the “couple look”, there will be speculations that they are dating. But nowadays, it’s not much considered. But these idols might make us think otherwise… Or is their company just outright stingy that can make you LOL.

Check out the photos below and you judge if they are couple looks or just reusing of outfits:

Pristin Kyulkyung and NU'EST JR
Pristin Kyulkyung and NU’EST JR
After School Ga Eun and SEVENTEEN's Jun
After School Ga Eun and SEVENTEEN’s Jun
Pristin Kyulkyung and SEVENTEEN's Vernon
Pristin Kyulkyung and SEVENTEEN’s Vernon
NU'EST Ren and SEVENTEEN's Joshua
NU’EST Ren and SEVENTEEN’s Joshua
SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan and NU'EST Ren
SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and NU’EST Ren

What are your thoughts on this coincidence? ㅋㅋㅋ

What do you think?

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