Top 5 sayings only BTS fans (ARMYs) can understand

If you’re an old fan of BTS, you already know some of these sayings. But if you’re new to the fandom, for sure every ARMY will welcome you. One of the things you have to learn about BTS (aside from their songs and personalities) are the terms only used by BTS and ARMYs so that you can understand when they’re communicating or mentioning each other. Here’s the top 5 saying used by ARMYs and BTS only:

1) I-lovelies or K-Diamonds : An endearment used by BTS to International or Korean Fans

2) Uihamsaba (우함사바) : The desert seems like the sea if we’re together (BTS and ARMYs)

3) Woowoohaeng (우우행) : This means that BTS and ARMYs are happy when they’re just with each other (by themselves)

Top 5 sayings only BTS fans (ARMYs) can understand
Top 5 sayings only BTS fans (ARMYs) can understand

4) Borahae (보라해) : Which also means “I Purlple You”. Member V (Kim Taehyung created the term to say I love you when in concert

5) “Teamwork makes the dream work” : Phrase always used by RM

Have you used these phrases when you converse with fellow ARMYs or when you mention/tweet BTS?

What do you think?


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